Spiritual Meaning of Hip Pain & Lower Back Pain

Hip pain and lower back pain spiritual meanings:

Hip pain is a very common complaint seen by doctors. It tends to occur frequently in certain age groups – older population (>45 years of age) and the young (from 0 to 15 years).

An estimated 14% of American seniors reported substantial hip pain on most days over the preceding 6 weeks, according to a study that was done at Johns Hopkins Medical School.

Hip Joint – Anatomy

The hip is a ball and socket joint of the human body. Hip pain can involve the actual joint itself or the muscles, soft tissues, and tendons surrounding the joint.

If the pain is located on the outside of the wraps around the back of the buttocks, then the tissues, muscles, or tendons in the area are most likely the source.

If the pain is located inside the groin area or leg, then the pain probably originates within the socket joint itself.

In addition, the pain can radiate down the leg or up the back, causing what is called referred pain.

Causeship pain spiritual meaning

Common causes of hip pain include:


It is the inflammation of small, fluid-filled sacs which cushion the tendons, bones, and muscles near your hip joint. Bursitis can cause pain when you move. Treatment usually involves protecting the joint from further trauma as well as resting it.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Also referred to as IT band friction syndrome, it is an overuse injury causing pain on the outside part of the knee, particularly when descending stairs or during running when the heel touches the ground. Sufferers typically recover with non-surgical treatments.


It is described by a loss of blood supply to the bones, causing the bone to break down significantly faster than the body produces.

Stress Fractures

It occurs when muscles are unable to absorb added shock and become fatigued. The condition is more common in professional athletes who participate in high-impact sports, like – marathonists. Treatment is successful by avoiding the impact of activities.


Tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon. When a tendon in the hip becomes inflamed, swollen or irritated, it can cause immense pain.


Common symptoms of a hip problem may include:

  • pain when trying to put weight on the leg on the affected side;
  • muscle stiffness;
  • reduced range of motion;
  • limping;
  • referred pain to the thigh and knee;
  • pain in the hip joint (generally felt in the groin area).

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Metaphysical and Spiritual Meaning of Hip Painspiritual meaning of left hip pain

Hip pain has a spiritual meaning as part of a larger physical and emotional connection.

Hip problems indicate a certain numbness, resistance, and stiffness.

You have an inflexibility regarding a situation or person.

This may be due to a situation in which you felt betrayed by someone or abandoned, and that affected you so much that you are now re-evaluating all your relationships.

Hip pain also reveals that you are a static person, that you are scared of movement, even refusing the changes in your life.

You also experience a resistance to change.

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Spiritual Meaning of Lower Back Painspiritual meaning of lower back pain

The back represents the support of life. It’s the part of the body that protects you if you feel helpless about a person or a situation.

From a spiritual point of view, lower back pain is a sign that you have money problems.

In particular, this pain often results from the loss of a job, retirement, when a child leaves home, or after separation.

“I will never succeed …”, “I’m afraid I will have financial problems,” “I will never achieve this …” are expressions that are common in people with lower back pain.

Tip – it would be wise to consider a new financial plan, to evaluate your income, look for other financial sources that could bring you a satisfying income. Also, make changes and do not compel yourself in your current situation.

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To help prevent hip pain, doctors recommend the following:

  • exercise regularly, however, make sure to do exercises that are appropriate for your physical condition and age;
  • get annual check-ups;
  • strengthen your core;
  • do not smoke tobacco;
  • stretch or do yoga & Tai Chi regularly;
  • control your weight;
  • reduce your alcohol intake;
  • have a diet rich in fiber.

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When To Call The Doctor

You should make an appointment with a healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment if you have hip pain which lasts more than several days, or if you:

  • cannot bear weight on your leg;
  • notice your hip or leg looks abnormal;
  • cannot move your leg properly;
  • develop a fever (high temperature) or feel warmth in the area of the hip;
  • observe redness and swelling in your hip and upper thigh;
  • cannot bend at the hip;
  • cannot walk without pain;
  • cannot walk without limping;
  • have hip pain during sleep;
  • have hip pain which keeps you awake at night.

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The treatment for hip problems usually includes:

  • water exercise, like – swimming;
  • resistance training;
  • strengthening exercises;
  • stretching;
  • acupuncture (a key component of traditional Chinese medicine);
  • steroid injections;
  • antibiotics;
  • creams;
  • pain-killing medicines;
  • anti-inflammatory medication;
  • occupational therapy (the treatment focuses on helping patients with a sensory, physical, or cognitive disability);
  • physiotherapy.

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