10 Essential Oils For Trigger Finger

Essential Oils For Trigger Finger:

Trigger finger or trigger thumb is a condition in which one of the fingers gets stuck in a bent position.

The condition is also referred to as stenosing tenosynovitis.


Symptoms may include:

  • pain when you straighten or bend the finger;
  • a catching or locking sensation with finger movement;
  • a tender lump at the base of the finger on the palm side of the hand.

Stenosing tenosynovitis, at worst, is extremely painful and debilitating and, at best, it is mildly irritating. 

The symptoms tend to be worse in the morning.

It is also more likely to affect you after a period of heavy hand use.


The condition is caused by local swelling from scarring or inflammation of the tendon sheath around the flexor tendons.

In some cases, the tendon will develop a nodule where the finger joins the palm.

Risk Factors

It is more commonly seen in:

  • individuals between the ages of 40 and 60;
  • individuals who have rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, diabetes, or gout;
  • individuals who have jobs that require repetitive motions.


Common treatments include:

  • steroid injection;
  • gently stretching the fingers to enhance their range of motion;
  • night splints;
  • placing the hand in warm water three times throughout the day to relax the muscles and tendons;
  • anti-inflammatory medicines;
  • applying ice to reduce swelling;
  • taking a break from repetitive activities for about 2 months.

Here Are 10 Essential Oils For Trigger Finger:

#1 PeppermintPeppermint oil

It is derived from the peppermint plant and is used for a variety of common ailments.

This essential oil contains a compound called menthol, which is responsible for numerous benefits of this essential oil.

Peppermint oil also contains a host of nutrients and minerals, including folate, iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.

It has antispasmodic properties, which is why it works so well for tendon inflammation and stenosing tenosynovitis.

#2 CoconutCoconut oil

Coconut oil is made from the dried “meat” of the coconut called “copra.”

Its benefits include:

  • helps manage diabetes mellitus;
  • helps strengthen the body’s immune system;
  • helps balance the body’s hormones;
  • helps fight off fungi, viruses, and bacteria;
  • improves the skin’s health;
  • enhances energy levels.

It has been found to have anti-inflammatory effects, and it also boosts the protective barrier functions on the skin in humans.

Note – thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory nature of the fatty acids and antioxidants found in coconut oil, eating this oil straight from the jar can help to treat and heal many health problems.

#3 ChamomileChamomile oil

Generally, chamomile is the universal name for a daisy-like plant from the family of Asteraceae.

Chamomile essential oil is best known for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

In particular, this essential oil contains numerous volatile oils, including alpha-bisabolol oxides A & B, alpha-bisabolol, and matricin, that convert to flavonoids which help inhibit inflammatory proteins.

Applying chamomile essential oil directly to the affected area can help reduce the painful inflammatory response of any type of tendon pain.

#4 Clary Sage

It is one of the most balancing, soothing, and relaxing of all the essential oils. It contains about 60 to 70 percent Linalyl Acetate.

It is an amazing anti-infectious, anticonvulsive, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, antispasmodic, antifungal, and antidepressant natural essential oil.

Due to the fact that it has a relaxing impact and works well as a massage oil for aching muscles and joints, clary sage essential oil is one of the best essential oils for tendon pain.

#5 LavenderLavender oil

Lavender (scientifical name – Lavandula angustifolia) is a favorite essential oil of most people for its remarkable versatility. Lavender has a powerful relaxing effect on the body and is highly regarded for its skin healing benefits.

This essential oil also has strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, according to a study done in 2015.

Massaged into the skin, this essential oil can relieve tendon pain or aching muscles as well as takes the stress out of the body.

#6 FrankincenseFrankincense oil

Frankincense comes from trees in the Boswellia genus. It is one of the most precious essential oils, frequently referred to as the “king of essential oils.”

The main health benefits of this essential oil can be attributed to the following properties:

  • diuretic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • expectorant;
  • astringent;
  • digestive;
  • disinfectant;
  • antiseptic.

In addition, frankincense essential oil is one of the most effective analgesic essential oils.

Plus, it helps in relieving muscular pains and in circulating blood to the affected area.

#7 Wintergreen

Wintergreen (scientifical name – Gaultheria procumbens) is a perennial herb that is native to the Eastern areas of North America.

The aroma of wintergreen essential oil is a strong middle note that blends well with sweet marjoram, ylang-ylang, and peppermint essential oils.

This oil is perfect for tendon inflammation as it is a natural inflammatory.

It has a high content of methyl salicylate (an organic compound used in cosmetics as a warming-up agent).

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#8 Rose Geranium

It is an aromatic oil that is made from the leaves and stem of Pelargonium Gravolens plant (a type of geranium plant with leaves which smell strongly like roses) by steam distillation.

According to folklore, it was used for a wide range of health conditions.

The main chemical constituents of geranium oil include:

  • sabinene;
  • methone;
  • eugenol;
  • terpineol;
  • geranic;
  • myrtenol;
  • citronellol;
  • citral;
  • citronellyl formate;
  • linalool;
  • geraniol.

This essential oil is very beneficial in the treatment of dermatitis and acne. Also, it reduces inflammation.

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#9 Marjorammarjoram oil

It is extracted by steam distillation of both dried and fresh leaves of the marjoram plant (botanical name – Origanum majorana).

As a strong anti-inflammatory agent, marjoram essential oil can relieve pain associated with tendonitis and stenosing tenosynovitis.

Furthermore, inhaling its potent aroma relieves tension and brings a positive effect on the mind.

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#10 Helichrysum

It is produced from the Helichrysum italicum plant, a member of the Asteraceae plant family.

Benefits of this essential oil include:

  • encouraging the recycling of dead cells;
  • supporting quick healing of wounds:
  • reducing tendon pain and inflammation;
  • boosting the immune system;
  • treating inflammatory skin conditions;
  • supporting toxin removal;
  • reducing cramps and spasms;
  • lowering blood pressure.

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