10 Good Reasons to Become a Vegetarian

Vegetarianism, although questioned by some, has proven to have numerous health benefits. It is an eating style that manages to provide all the necessary nutrients for the human body and is a way to prevent many diseases.

Here are 10 Good Reasons to Become a Vegetarian:

There are several types of vegetarians: vegans, who eat only foods of plant origin, ovo-lacto vegetarians, who eat fruits, vegetables, but also eggs and dairy products and partial vegetarians or pescevegetarian who, in addition to the foods above, eat fish as well.

#1 More Vitamins

Vegetarians consume more vitamins and less saturated fat, unlike those with a classic style of eating. Due to the high consumption of vegetables and fruits, vegetarians have an increased intake of vitamin C, E, potassium, magnesium, folic acid, flavonoids, and carotenoids.

#2 Lower LDL Cholesterol

Vegetarians usually have lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and a lower risk of being hypertensive.

#3 Lower BMI

Those who follow a vegetarian diet have a lower body index, so, they are skinnier and even longeval. While the percentage of obese people in the common population is very high, among vegetarians the percentage of overweight varies between 1 and 6%.

#4 Better Heart Health

In the case of vegetarians, the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases is lower. In a study conducted a few years ago, it was shown that vegetarians were 25% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease.

Eating fiber-rich vegetables and whole grain, which are digested slowly and have a low glycemic index, helps maintain a normal blood sugar level. Also, the consumption of nuts and seeds protects vegetarians from cardiovascular diseases.

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#5 Cancer Prevention

The risk of cancer is reduced when you follow a vegetarian diet. There have been numerous studies that have demonstrated that there is less incidence of cancers in vegetarians, unlike those who eat meat. Colon cancer, for example, is a type of cancer that occurs far less frequently in vegetarians.

#6 Healthier Sperm

Vegetarian men have better quality sperm, which means fewer fertility problems. In addition, consumption of red meat seems to lead to decreased libido and circulatory problems, associated with erectile dysfunction. So even your sex life could gain from a vegetarian diet and improve considerably.

#7 Anti-inflammatory Properties

Foods commonly eaten by vegetarians reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases. Some of these foods include: fruits, nuts, tomatoes, olive oil, green vegetables, fatty fish.

#8 No Antibiotics In Food

Vegetarians are less exposed to the intake of various toxic substances, such as antibiotics or hormones administered to animals which remain in the meat we eat.

#9 Fewer Junk Food Intake

Vegetarians are less likely to eat junk food and carbonated drinks, whose harmful effects on the body we already know. Once you’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle, your body gets used not to crave when passing a fast food or when your friends eagerly sip sodas.

#10 Environmental Benefits

In a 2006 report, the UN states that livestock farms emit more greenhouse gasses than all the cars and trucks in the world combined. So, if you are vegetarian or about to become one, you can be proud to have a small contribution to reducing global warming.



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