Rooibos Tea (Red Bush Tea) – Side Effects & Health Benefits

Rooibos Tea (Red Bush Tea) – Side Effects, Health Benefits (Caffeine-Free, Acne, Hair, Sleep, Acid Reflux & Weight Loss), Taste:

Rooibos tea, also known as red bush tea, is made from the leaves of the Aspalathus Linearis, a plant that grows extensively in the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa.

It is often called “red tea” because of the bright red coloring the leaves take on during the fermentation and oxidation processes. A properly brewed cup of tea will be a rich red color and have a nutty, sweet flavor.

Because it does not derive from the Camellia sinensis plant (like white, black, green, or oolong teas), this tea is considered more of an herbal drink, than a „true” tea.

It has gained appreciation among tea lovers in recent years for its delicious flavor. It’s quite popular in Germany, Japan, Holland, and England.

But it has also gotten a lot of attention from researchers, who have been testing its health-promoting elements, including stomach cramps, headaches, immune system health, allergies, asthma, and aiding with common aches and pains.

The absence of caffeine in red tea makes it a wonderful bedtime drink that can aid those with insomnia and calm an irritated throat.


It has an earthy flavor like yerba mate, and a taste somewhat similar to hibiscus tea. Also, it is less sour than most herbal teas and far less bitter than green or black teas.

Side Effects Of Rooibos Tea (Or Red Bush Tea)

Iron Absorption 

Although it is hard to think that tea may present side effects, the key to all things is moderation.

At the moment, no research is available that focuses on the long-term effects or side effects of red bush tea consumption. There are, however, a few known side effects, like the slow absorption of iron in food.

Because of its low levels of tannin, this tea, much like black tea, makes it difficult for the body to absorb iron in vegetables (not in meat).

Hence, people with iron deficiency are recommended to drink this tea after meals and even consult with their healthcare specialist before including it in their daily diet.

Increased Anxiety And Irritabilityanxiety stress

Daily consumption of this tea is also linked to increased anxiety. Moreover, one may also suffer from a temporary increase, if consumed in excess.

However, the good thing about aspalathus linearis is that the increased irritability and anxiety due to its consumption decreases naturally after a few hours. But one should remain cautious and not go for over-consumption of this tea.

Skin And Breathing Problems 

There are no studies that show these problems, but some people may face any of them. The tea can also cause skin or breathing problems to those allergic or in the case of overdose.

These may present in the form of breathing difficulty, rashes, itchy or swollen skin, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. In case any of these symptoms appear after consuming the tea, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

During Pregnancy

Information regarding efficacy and safety in lactation and pregnancy is lacking. The concern regarding pregnancy and taking an herbal supplement is the risk of passing the supplement on to the unborn child.

Overall, this tea is a good substitute for coffee because it is absolutely caffeine-free, and the would-be-mothers are expected to limit their caffeine consumption. However, the safety of tea is not regulated. Please always discuss your decision to drink the tea with your doctor or healthcare provider.

During Chemotherapy

It is very rich in antioxidants and many other active substances. Its very composition could affect the effects of certain drugs, especially the ones used for chemotherapy. If you want to drink the tea on a continuing basis while undergoing cancer treatment, talk to your doctor about it first.


We have seen that the side effects of rooibos tea are not worrisome. If properly used and taken in an adequate amount, one can enjoy the health benefits related to this shrub in the form of herbal tea.

Health benefits of African red tea include:

A Good Source Of Quercetin

Quercetin is a remarkable flavonoid reported to have all-natural numerous health benefits for humans. Quercetin is chemically classified as a flavonol, the compound that plants commonly use as a pigment.

It is also considered a strong antioxidant that may help protect against serious conditions, such as – cancer and heart disease. In some studies, higher doses of this antioxidant have shown the capacity to modestly lower hypertension levels.


No tea in itself will completely cure acne, but research has shown that this tea contains antioxidants. When used on the skin, these potent antioxidants will help repair skin cell damage.

Contains No Caffeine

Caffeine is a plant product that is most frequently found in coffee beans, soft drinks, sports drinks, tea, chocolate, and cocoa.

It acts as a powerful stimulant on the central nervous system, thus, increasing your heart rate.

It is also a diuretic, which means that it helps your physical body to remove extra water and sodium by urinating more. In some cases, this is considered a negative characteristic. In other words, caffeine affects your physical body just like any drug.


This tea contains essential minerals, such as – calcium, copper, zinc, and potassium which promote hair growth. In addition, it strengthens hair roots.

Contains No Oxalic Acid

Oxalic acid is a naturally occurring compound in plants that can also be metabolized from vitamin C and produced by your body.

Scientists refer to this compound as an anti-nutrient due to its capacity to interfere with vital minerals, like – magnesium, iron, and calcium. More importantly, calcium oxalate is the most frequent form of kidney stone.

Acid Reflux

It contains no preservatives or food additives, making it a natural beverage. Moreover, this tea is caffeine-free, which makes it a natural remedy if you have heartburn.


The most obvious effect of caffeine is that it can make it substantially harder for you to fall asleep. The lack of caffeine and high mineral content helps you relax and fall asleep.

Weight Loss

According to studies, this tea also has weight loss benefits due to its cleansing properties which will help you lose extra weight.

Furthermore, it can lower stress hormone levels which trigger fat storage and are strongly associated with metabolic syndrome, hypertension, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes.


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