Famous People with Diabetes

Diabetes is a lifelong condition affecting more than 30 million Americans.

Depending on which type you have, it may require treatment as well as lifestyle changes.

Thanks to ongoing medical research and development, however, diabetes is generally easier to manage these days than it was in the past. In fact, Type 2 diabetes can also be prevented or delayed.

For those with concerns, The American Diabetes Association offers some helpful information on how to make small changes to avoid or stall the development of the condition.

If you already have diabetes, however –– whether it developed over time or it was a congenital and/or genetic condition –– it can be helpful to know that there are a lot of people like you who are leading healthy and productive lives.

To this point, a surprising number of celebrities have disclosed and spoken openly about their diabetes diagnoses.

Here, we’ll take a look at a few such figures who may just inspire you to approach your own health journey with positivity and optimism.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

We’ll start with arguably the biggest star on the list, and many people’s pick as the best actor of a generation. Tom Hanks is listed on SymptomFind as one of the most famous people to have diabetes.

He announced back in 2013 on the David Letterman Show that he had progressed to Type 2 diabetes after a number of years battling with high blood sugar levels. During an interview back in 2018, Hanks talked about how he manages his condition.

He stated that he developed Type 2 diabetes partly due to his lifestyle, with genetics also playing a role.

Following his diagnosis, Hanks adjusted his daily routine to include at least an hour’s activity or exercise, and changed up his diet as well… though he admits to the occasional cheat!

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Halle Berry was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 22. In fact, her diagnosis came after she lapsed into a diabetic coma during the recording of a television series back in 1989.

The award-winning actress has since adopted the Keto diet as a means of managing the disease. She chooses to view Keto as a lifestyle choice as opposed to a diet, and has followed the plan for more than 30 years.

Drew Carey

Sitcom star and game show host Drew Carey announced that he has successfully stopped his Type 2 diabetes and no longer requires any medication to manage it.

Back in January 2013, the comedian embarked on a no-carb diet and lost 80 pounds. His lifestyle change not only transformed his appearance but aided in combatting the disease.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

Actress Sharon Stone has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and has become somewhat of an inspiration to those who share her condition worldwide. Type 1 diabetes must be controlled with daily insulin injections and is considered the more serious form of the disease. Left untreated, in fact, it can be life-threatening.

Stone has spoken openly about living with diabetes and how she’s adjusted to manage it, making it clear that she has never allowed the condition to restrict her in any way; she stays in good health and shape by eating right, sleeping well, and working out.

Patti LaBelle

Patti LaBelle is a notable advocate for diabetes awareness.

In a recent virtual testimony to Congress, LaBelle discussed the need for improvements to diabetes care and the need to provide broader access to the life-changing technologies that are now available.

She also penned a column for USA Today quite recently to further advocate for minority access to treatments in particular.

LaBelle has lived with Type 2 diabetes for more than 25 years and was initially diagnosed after collapsing on stage.

George Lucas

Star Wars creator George Lucas found out he had Type 2 diabetes during a check-up shortly after graduating from college.

Then 23, Lucas was actually drafted to serve in the Vietnam War, only to be stopped when doctors discovered the condition during his health assessment.

The successful film director is purported to have inherited the condition from his paternal grandfather, and has successfully managed his diagnosis for more than 50 years.

We hope the stories and advocacy of these famous figures inspire you to take a positive approach to any health challenges you may face in your own life!

And if you’re feeling the need to make changes either to manage or prevent disease, please take a look at our ‘Seven Easy Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Stroke, Diabetes, and Obesity’ as a helpful starting point.

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