21 Foods That Boost Testosterone In The Body

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is required to increase libido, stimulate sexual desire, and ensure sexual satisfaction for both women and men.

In addition, this hormone ensures that bones and muscles stay strong during and after puberty as well as it signals the body to make new blood cells. Also, testosterone plays a role in certain behaviors, including dominance and aggression. 

Most men have more than enough testosterone. However, when the body doesn’t produce the right amount of this hormone, the condition is called hypogonadism.

The American Urology Association (AUA) define low testosterone as less than 300 nanograms of the hormone per deciliter of blood. 

Note – low testosterone is becoming more and more common. The number of prescriptions for testosterone supplements has increased by 500 percent since 2012.

Therefore, if you were wondering how to increase the testosterone level naturally (about injections learn here), read our comprehensive list of foods below.

List Of 21 Foods That Boost Testosterone In The Body:

#1 Chia Seeds

These seeds have been shown to naturally increase testosterone thanks to the essential fatty acids (especially omega-3) that serve as building blocks for hormones.

Furthermore, chia seeds are rich in calcium, protein, iron, dietary fiber, zinc, and antioxidants, which will improve circulation and stamina and also increase your body’s capacity to feel the stimulation.

#2 Ashwagandha

It belongs to the same family as the tomato, the “nightshades” and is known by a few different names including Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry, and winter cherry.

Taking ashwagandha root extract may increase physical performance and muscle strength, and testosterone levels.

#3 Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are packed with good amounts of magnesium, iron, zinc (strongly associated with an increase in testosterone), and vitamin K.

Moreover, higher intakes of vitamin K may confer protection against developing type 2 diabetes Mellitus, according to research conducted by Dutch scientists.

#4 Sarsaparilla

It is a tropical plant (botanical name Smilax ornata) from the family Liliaceae. According to traditional medicine, this plant has been regarded as a strong booster of male libido for millennia.

In addition, sarsaparilla has been used to treat skin disorders, as a blood toner, and for inflammatory diseases.

#5 Garlic

Research has concluded that both chronic and acute ingestion of garlic can have restorative and proliferative effects on serum testosterone levels. It’s thought that the main reason is due to a potent chemical in garlic, called – diallyl sulfide.

More importantly, garlic helps to improve athletic performance and may reduce exercise-induced fatigue.

#6 Maca

Maca root (scientific name – Lepidium meyenii) is an adaptogen and a member of the cruciferous family, like cabbage and broccoli. This root improves energy levels for physical exercise, which also promotes healthy testosterone levels.

Additionally, it improves libido in both women and men as well as helps reduce stress levels and improve moods which can considerably interfere with healthy testosterone levels.

#7 AvocadoBanana vs Avocado – Which Has More Potassium

This fruit is a storehouse of vitamin E that is one of the most potent fat-soluble vitamins for testosterone production.

Also, it contains healthy fats that improve the production of sex hormones – estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.

#8 Coconut

Coconut is rich in essential fats and plays a part in improving the body’s capacity to produce HDL (good) cholesterol.

Furthermore, adding coconut to your regular diet is an easy method to boost muscle growth, promote lean body mass, and balance testosterone serum levels.

#9 Malaysian ginseng (Eurycoma longifolia)

Eurycoma Longifolia, better known as Malaysian ginseng, is a flowering plant native to Thailand and Malaysia used by Malaysian and Chinese and other Asian traditional medicine.

According to a 2012 study, the steroidal saponins present in this plant may boost your testosterone levels in the body.

#10 Nettle Root

Nettle root (scientific name – Urtica dioica) belongs to the Urticaceae family and is mainly used to help with men’s health concerns.

#11 AlmondsPistachios vs Almonds – Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits, Side Effects a

Almonds are a nutritional powerhouse offering numerous and incredibly valuable health benefits, plus, they are a delicious snack.

Recent research established that men who have a diet rich in monounsaturated fats, the type of fat found in seeds and nuts, have the healthiest levels of testosterone.

#12 Fenugreek

Fenugreek has many strong medicinal properties, including treatment of type 2 diabetes, relieving arthritis pain, and assistance in lactation.

Moreover, for men, fenugreek seeds may be able to modestly raise testosterone levels.

#13 Olives

When eating green olives, men experienced a particular boost in sex drive while black olives seemed to do the trick for women.

One reason may be that olives contain healthy monounsaturated fats which may help the body produce testosterone naturally.

#14 Ginger

A remarkable addition to foods, studies have concluded that adding ginger to your regular diet improves testosterone levels in infertile men.

In addition, it is frequently used to treat many health conditions, including colic, motion sickness, diarrhea, upset stomach, and it can also be used as a natural cancer treatment with regard to vomiting or nausea.

#15 Pecans

Pecans are very low in polyunsaturates, that can lower testosterone levels, and packed with healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, that help improve testosterone production in the body.

Moreover, these delicious nuts are rich in dietary fiber that prevents some types of cancer (particularly colon cancer) as well as improves the health of your heart by lowering the risk of hypertension and atherosclerosis.

#16 Chinese yam

It is credited with numerous health benefits since it is good at tonifying the spleen and kidney. In addition, Chinese yam is a good tonic for males as it helps to balance the hormones in the body.

#17 Astragalus Root

It is a plant of the Leguminosae family, with a very long history as a disease fighter and immune system booster.

More importantly, the astragalus root is rich in potassium, folate, and vitamin E – all essential nutrients for proper testosterone production.

#18 Oats

They’re a gluten-free whole grain and an amazing source of important minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. It supports normal hormone and promotes healthy libido levels in males.

#19 Kale

It contains a powerful antioxidant, named – alpha-lipoic acid, that has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels, and prevent oxidative stress-induced changes in sufferers with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Additionally, recent studies have shown that consuming a diet rich in kale may help improve testosterone levels.

#20 Barrenwort

Barrenwort is native to Asia (especially China) and one of the main uses is for its aphrodisiacal qualities.

#21 Quinoa

It is high in anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, that make it beneficial for human health in the treatment and prevention of numerous different diseases.

More importantly, having quinoa a few times per week may boost your hormones, muscle mass, and sleep quality.


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