Conscious Nutrition Health Benefits

What is conscious nutrition or mindful eating?

This term defines the way we feed our body with what we need on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It means to reconnect with our body through meditation and to trust our individual needs, which will lead us towards complete fulfillment.

When we become aware of what we do with our body and what we are eating, we get to improve our health and many other aspects of life.

We discover that we have more energy for daily activities, we think more clearly which makes us more efficient at work and in relationships with other people, we communicate better with family and friends and start living in harmony with the environment.

Feeding every level of our being brings total relaxation, making the healing process of the body easier. Once the body’s needs are met, it can heal itself.

Is it a diet or a lifestyle?

Conscious nutrition is a lifestyle. The word “diet” refers to a program with strict rules imposed by others. Diet usually expands over a period of time, from several days to several weeks. Once the goals are achieved, we go back to our old habits.

When it comes to conscious nutrition, we emphasize a lifestyle in which one listens to his/her body, giving it what it needs in order to maintain a stable weight, to rest properly, to enjoy the food, and to have the energy to do whatever he/she wants.

The word “diet” comes from the Greek word “díeta”, which means lifestyle. In conscious nutrition, diet, and lifestyle are synonymous.

How hard is it for a person who works 8-10 hours per day and takes care of the family to pursue these principles?

Mindful eating has certain rules that can easily be followed by everyone, matching every lifestyle. For example, each of us can try this lifestyle, those who work in an office, a mother who takes care of her children and household, a performance athlete, and so on.

Principles for a conscious nutrition diet:Top 8 Foods High in Quercetin (List) - A Powerful Antioxidant

Eat consciously to feed your body so that it takes all the nutrients it needs, thus restoring your energy levels.

Healthy nutrition maintains your vitality for several hours, while a diet based on processed and fatty foods will only leave you with a feeling of fullness.

Don’t waste food. Don’t buy or cook more food than you need and then throw it away.

Don’t take refuge in food. Remember to eat consciously, in order to feed your physical body and not the mind, which demands more food (especially junk food) as it tries to cover the stress in your life.

What to avoid when it comes to mindful eating (eggs, sugar, gluten)?

Mindful eating focuses on awareness of what we eat and how each food affects our body. It’s not about being strict and cutting certain products from the diet. Everyone can adapt the rules of conscious nutrition depending on the desired result so that they are comfortable with what they eat.

Remember that your cells turn into what they are fed.  

If you want your body to be clean and energized, then give it the food it needs.

The decision is yours. Choose to eat consciously so that your body can prosper.

Conscious nutrition also means a clear mind and a harmonious body.


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