Lipotropic Injections – Side Effects & Benefits

Lipotropic Injections – Side Effects & Benefits:

A lipotropic injection contains a solution of lipotropic essential nutrients that are made up of one or more of the following compounds – inositol, choline, amino acids, methionine, vitamin B12, and other minerals and vitamins.

They are typically suitable for anyone looking to maintain or lose weight as well as to prevent individuals from regaining previously lost weight.

The nutrients in this type of injection come in numerous combinations but some of the more frequent ones include – vitamin B12, choline, methionine, and inositol.

Vitamin B12

It is a water-soluble B-group vitamin found in a variety of foods, including fish, meat, and dairy products. However, this vitamin is available as a dietary supplement and is added to some foods.

Vitamin B12 helps prevent megaloblastic anemia, a type of anemia that makes suferrers weak and tired. Also, this vitamin helps make DNA (the genetic material in your cells) as well as it helps keep the body’s blood and nerve cells healthy.


It is an important nutrient required for proper liver function and detoxification. Moreover, it is responsible for exporting bile and fat from the liver.

Choline is used for the following conditions –  diabetes, gallbladder trouble, glaucoma (a disease that damages the eye’s optic nerve), muscular dystrophy, and memory problems (forgetfulness).


It is a sulfur-containing enzyme that is essential for a variety of bodily functions. In addition, it serves as a catalyst for choline as well as it works with choline in order to detoxify amines.


It controls numerous biological processes, including – helping break down fat, and can be used in treating panic disorder and nerve pain. It is occasionally used in treating individuals who are suffering from depression. Interestingly, caffeine may cause the depletion of inositol.


Prevents and Treats B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency is considered to be one of the most frequent (after iron and magnesium) nutrient deficiencies worldwide. The capacity to absorb vitamin B12 is affected by stress, and poor eating, plus, as we age, the ability to digest and absorb vitamin B12 decreases.

Moreover, some prescription and non-prescription drugs deplete this vitamin from the body. According to research, it can take up to 5 years before any outward signs and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency show.

B12 is a nutrient responsible for the creation of blood cells and for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Without enough B12, the nervous system could undergo irreparable damage.

Vegans and vegetarians can suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency but so can meat-eaters, making B-12 deficiency a frequent problem many individuals solve with an injection or supplementation.

Weight Loss

Many people with vitamin B12 deficiency lose weight after getting this type of injection, especially when it is combined with exercise activity and a healthy diet. In addition to faster weight loss, you will have more energy.

This type of injection is recommended by doctors to be used by individuals who are 20 percent over the healthy body mass index since the excess fat may lead to serious health problems, like – liver cirrhosis.

Note – the one thing to remember is that this type of injection boost fat loss, but temporarily. Hence, if you come back to your old habits of sedentarism, sleeping late, and binge eating, you will end back where you started.


Without lipotropic compounds, bile and fat could accumulate and rise to dangerous levels in the liver, putting you at increased risk for cirrhosis (late stage of scarring of the liver) and other life-threatening liver problems.

Reduces LDL Cholesterol

These supplements help lower LDL and total cholesterol in the blood vessels. LDL cholesterol is better known as “bad cholesterol” due to the fact that too much is unhealthy and can lead to hypertension.

Moreover, they detoxify the by-products of protein metabolism, called amines. This is very important for individuals on a high-protein diet.


They can decrease gallstone formation. This is beneficial since gallstones can lead to pain in the upper right abdomen.

Prevents Depression

Several components (especially vitamin B12) of this type of injection can help you retain a more positive outlook. For instance, some studies concluded that seniors supplementing with B12 can maintain healthy mental functioning, restore better mood control, and prevent depression.


These supplements need a medical prescription and are not available online for purchasing, hence, consult your healthcare specialist before having these.

Due to the mixture of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, this injection can last several weeks, and repeated treatments are recommended. However, they can be administered up to twice every seven days but they are most effective if taken continuously rather than sparingly.

Side Effects of Lipotropic Injections

Side effects are rare, but they may include:

  • mild diarrhea;
  • abdominal discomfort;
  • joint pain;
  • nausea;
  • headaches;
  • vomiting;
  • a feeling of dizziness or faintness;
  • sweating.

They may also change the function of the digestive system temporarily and can result in extreme exhaustion.

Allergic Reaction

If you have an allergy to inositol, methionine, choline, or any part of this supplement avoid it. Sings and symptoms of an allergic reaction include:

  • swelling of the lips, face, throat, or tongue;
  • cough;
  • wheezing;
  • shortness of breath;
  • itching;
  • hives;
  • rash.

Also, if you are cobalamin or cobalt sensitive, this injection is not a good idea.

Leber’s Disease

Individuals who have a hereditary eye disease known as Leber’s should avoid this medication as this can cause damage to the optic nerve.


These injections can be painful, plus, some redness at the injection site may occur. This should get better within 48 hours.


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