10 Famous People With Lisps (Drew Barrymore?)

A lisp is a speech disorder which involves the inability to properly pronounce one or more sibilant consonant sounds, commonly ”s” or ”z.”

It is not detrimental to your health, however, it can be a problem, particularly if you always have to interact with people. Some people, especially some actors and actresses, see their lisp as part of their personal image or trademark.


There are 4 main types:

  • interdental lisp – it is a frontal lisp that occurs when a child says the ”z” and ”s” sounds with the tongue pushed too far forward;
  • dentalized lisp – it occurs when the tongue pushes against the front teeth;
  • lateral lisp – it occurs when air escapes out the sides of the tongue; unlike dentalized or interdental lisp, lateral lisp is not characteristic of normal development;
  • palatal lisp – it occurs when the middle of the tongue touches the soft palate when trying to produce the ”s” sound.


Most lisps are caused by wrong tongue placement in the mouth, that in turn obstructs air flow from the inside of the mouth, leading to the distortion of syllables and words.

Risk Factors

There are certain factors which contribute to the lisp, such as:

  • psychological or emotional stress;
  • tongue thrust – use of pacifiers and thumb sucking can encourage tongue thrust;
  • having frequent upper respiratory illnesses in early childhood;
  • tongue-tie, a birth defect that impairs the mobility of the tongue;
  • having an overbite or an underbite.

Note – digit sucking can alter the typical development of the teeth and mouth, causing the following:

  • an interdental lisp and other speech issues;
  • an underdeveloped lower jaw;
  • malocclusion;
  • low tongue and open mouth posture at rest;
  • crossbite;
  • overjet;
  • open bite;
  • forward tongue thrust on swallow.
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Here Is A List Of 10 Famous People With Lisps:

#1 Mike Tyson

Image credit – https://so.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mike_Tyson_Portrait.jpg

He is a former American professional boxer who reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion (1986). Mike lost the title in 1990 and later served 3 years in prison over rape charges.

Mike Tyson has a slight lisp and a high voice.

#2 Kristen Schaal

Image credit – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kristen_Schaal_2_BBF_2010_Shankbone_(crop).jpg

She is an American voice actress, actress, writer, and comedian who is best known for her role as:

  • Mabel Pines on Gravity Falls;
  • Carol on The Last Man on Earth;
  • Mel on Flight of the Conchords;
  • Louise Belcher on Bob’s Burgers.

In 2005, Schaal was the winner of the Andy Kaufman Award.

During her youth, Kristen Schaal was concerned that her lisp would cause problems in her career. It did prevent her from getting into one acting class.

#3 Humphrey Bogart

Image credit – https://ro.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fi%C8%99ier:Humphrey_Bogart_1940.jpg

He was an American stage and film actor. His remarkable performances in many films from the Classical Hollywood era made him an icon.

For instance, the American Film Institute ranked him as the greatest male star of American cinema in 1999.

Humphrey Bogart had a trademark lisping way of speaking that was caused by a scarred-up area of his mouth. Interestingly, his speech defect (lisping) does not appear in the German dubbings of his voice.

#4 Russell Simmons

Image credit – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Russell_Simmons.jpg

He is an American record producer, entrepreneur, and author who created the clothing fashion lines Phat Farm, Argyleculture, and Tantris.

Simmons is also the co-founder of Def Jam Recordings and ignited the hip-hop revolution by promoting stars such as the Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, and Run-D.M.C. His net worth was estimated at $350m in 2018.

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#5 Reggie Bush

Image credit – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Reggie_Bush_-_Miami_Dolphins_vs_Oakland_Raiders_2012.jpg

He is a former American football running back who played college football at USC, where he won the Heisman Trophy as the most outstanding player in the nation. In 2009, he was also a part of the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl-winning team.

#6 Drew Barrymore

Image credit – https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fi%C8%99ier:Drew_Barrymore_2_by_David_Shankbone.jpg

He is an American author, director, actress, producer, and model. Before she was 1 year old, Barrymore appeared in her first television commercial for Puppy Choice dog food.

Drew is a member of the Barrymore family of American stage and film actors. In 1982, she made her breakout role in Steven Spielberg’s film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Drew Barrymore has made her lisp one of her numerous charming aspects.

#7 Winston Churchill

He was a British army officer, politician, writer, and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom twice. Winston forged alliances with the Soviet Union and the United States to defeat Nazi Germany in World War II.

Winston Churchill’s speech problem was a lisp. He could not pronounce the letter “s” correctly.

#8 Barbara Walters

Image credit – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Barbara_Walters.jpg

She is an American author, broadcast journalist, and television personality who is known for having hosted numerous television programs, such as:

  • the ABC Evening News;
  • 20/20;
  • The View;
  • Today.

Since retirement, Barbara continued to occasionally report for ABC News through 2015.

At the start of her career, Barbara Walters signed up for speech therapy lessons that helped her overcome some of her articulation problems. Also, Barbara is very careful about the way she moves her tongue and mouth as she speaks.

#9 Sean Connery

Image credit – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sean_Connery_1976.jpg

He is a retired Scottish producer and actor who has won:

  • three Golden Globes;
  • two BAFTA Awards;
  • an Academy Award.
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He is best known for playing:

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade;
  • 007 in the early James Bond movies;
  • The Hunt for Red October;
  • The Untouchables;
  • The Name of the Rose;
  • Robin and Marian.

#10 Michael Phelps

Image credit – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Michael_Phelps_Rio_Olympics_2016.jpg

He is one of the greatest Olympic athletes of all time who has set the record for winning the most medals: 28. He competed in his first Olympics at the age of 15, as part of the United States men’s swim team.

However, Michael Phelps doesn’t let his lisp get in the way of winning gold medals.



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